Prof. Mario Ruben (KIT, Université de Strasbourg)
Title of the lecture: Calculating with molecules - if coordination chemistry meets quantum physics

Prof. Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Title of the lecture: 10th anniversary of Iron-based High Tc Superconductors: discovery and progress

Prof. Yi Lu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Title of the lecture: Biosynthetic Inorganic Chemistry; Taking Advantages of the Secondary Coordination Spheres to Design Highly Active Catalysts for Sustainable Energies Applications

Prof. Gary Brudvig (Yale University)

Title of the lecture: Molecular Catalysts for Water Oxidation

Prof. Roland A. Fisher (Technical University Munich)

Title of the lecture: Integration of Metal-Organic Frameworks to Devices

Prof. Lee Cronin (University of Glasfow)

Title of the lecture: Programming the Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Supermolecular Inorganic Clusters with Algorithms

Prof. Shie-Ming Peng (National Taiwan University)

Title of the lecture: Molecular Metal Wires: From Homonuclear Metal Strings to Heteronuclear Metal Strings

Prof. James Mayer(Yale University)

Title of the lecture: The inner-sphere redox chemistry of metal oxide nanoparticles